Masarykova střední škola chemická

About School

Basic information

The history of our school started in 1894 when the construction of a new school building was finished and a state grammar school was opened in Křemencova Street. The grammar school was located here until 1949 when it was cancelled by the then authorities. A lot of outstanding personalities studied at this grammar school - famous writers, politicians, artists etc.

Three years later quite a different school was launched here - a technical school specialized in chemistry (Střední průmyslová škola chemická), which was renamed to Masaryk´s Secondary School of Chemistry (Masarykova střední škola chemická) in 1994, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary. Several generations of chemists have been graduated from this school up to now.

The school is located in a quiet street in the centre of Prague, a few minutes´ walk from the underground stations Národní trída and Karlovo náměstí and from the tram stops Národní divadlo, Karlovo náměstí and Lazarská.

The study lasts four years and at the end of the fourth year the graduation exam in four subjects (two general and two special) is taken. Our students are aged 15-18 years. The present number of pupils is cca 360.

The school has the well - equipped laboratories of chemistry, electrical engineering and computer studies. There are a gymnasium and a canteen in the school. Students can consult their problems with a psychologist who comes into the school once a week.

The study of all specializations is completed by the graduation exam which entitles to go on at all types of universities and colleges.

The school participates in the international project Globe.

Besides lessons a lot of other activities are available - skiing course, various outdoor activities (rafting, cycling), floorball matches in the school gym, field trips, sightseeing trips, common visits to Prague theatres etc. Our students usually win the top places in national Chemical Olympiads and they have represented our country in the international Chemical Olympiads as well.

Mgr. Zuzana Jušková
09. 05. 2005, 14:44:09